The Multi Key Enabling Technologies Pilot lines project

Welcome to the website of the multi-KETs pilot lines project. Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) are considered to directly or indirectly stimulate competitiveness and generate jobs, growth and wealth in the economy. However, Europe can make better use of the enabling character of these KETs. Especially bridging the so-called “Valley of Death” to upscale new KET technology based prototypes to commercial manufacturing often is a weak link in successful use of the potential of the KETs.

To bridge this gap, pilot lines are needed to initiate the first experience with the new technologies and enable commercial manufacturing.

This project aims at the preparation of a common understanding of what these pilot lines are and how they can be supported by the European Commission.

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Joint RO-cKETs - multiKETs Pilot Lines Conference

Click here for the conference presentations which are now available.